Amazon Affiliate Store Builder WordPress?


How do I add Amazon affiliate to WordPress?

How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress

  • Step 1: Sign Up. Visit the Amazon Associates program website.
  • Step 2: Acquaint Yourself with Amazon Associates.
  • Step 3a: Add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress.
  • Step 3b: Add Affiliate Products to Your eCommerce Store.
  • Step 4: Add a Disclaimer to Your Site.
  • Step 5: Bolster Security and Performance.

How do I create an affiliate store on WordPress?

You’ll need to install the free WooCommerce plugin and start adding affiliate products to your store. First, navigate to your Plugins page on your WordPress dashboard. Search for the WooCommerce plugin, and install and activate it. WooCommerce will now prompt you to set up your store.

How do I become an Amazon storefront affiliate?

Let’s take a look at the first steps you’ll need to complete in order to start generating revenue from your site.

  1. Join Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
  2. Select the Products You Want to Drive Customers To.
  3. Snag a Memorable Domain Name.
  4. Install WordPress and Select a Theme.
  5. Install A WordPress Affiliate Plugin.

What is an Amazon affiliate store?

An Amazon affiliate store is an online store that promotes products listed for sale on As a store owner, you send traffic to Amazon by adding your affiliate links to the products. Users are redirected to Amazon to complete the purchase, and you earn an affiliate commission on each sale.”

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