Best Cdn For WordPress 2017?


How do I add CDN to my WordPress site?

WordPress CDN Enabler plugin settingsA lightweight WordPress CDN plugin to link your assets to a content delivery network (CDN). Create a Pull Zone in the KeyCDN dashboard. Install the CDN Enabler plugin (log in to your WordPress dashboard: Go to Plugins -> Add new). Activate the plugin and click on settings.

Which is the best CDN?

With the concept of CDN clear now, let’s take a look at the best CDN providers to speed up your WordPress site in 2019.

  • StackPath. StackPath is one of the best CDN providers in the market.
  • Sucuri.
  • Cloudflare.
  • KeyCDN.
  • Rackspace.
  • Google Cloud CDN.
  • CacheFly.
  • Amazon CloudFront.

Is it safe to use CDN?

The benefit of a CDN is to limit network congestion in serving up static content. However the security risk is that any user with root-like permissions on a CDN server can access and replace content. This in turn requires that CDN customers trust the security for every CDN POP.

Is Cloudflare good for WordPress?

Cloudflare is one of the best WordPress CDN and firewall services available in the market. They offer a free CDN that speeds up your website along with a suite of powerful security features for small business websites.”

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