How To Add Bullet Points In WordPress?


How do I add space between bullet points in WordPress?

Adding Spaces Between Paragraphs or Bullet Points in WordPress

  • Shift+Enter – Use the Shift Key and Enter Key for a single space between lines and avoid a paragraph (double line spacing).
  • &nbsp – non-breaking space – typically used to create a wrap or to move text to the next line.
  • </br> – line break – this serves as a traditional carriage return.

How do I indent bullets in WordPress?

If you want to indent a paragraph, then you can do that manually by clicking on the increase indent button in the visual editor. This will add spacing to the left of paragraph. In case you want to indent more than one paragraph, then you need to select those paragraphs and then click the increase indent button.

How do I add bullet points to my website?

How to Insert an Unordered (ie Bullet Point) List

  1. Open your web page in Expression Web and put your text cursor at the spot where the list is to begin.
  2. Click “”Format | Bullets and Numbering”” from the menu.
  3. A dialog box with the title “”Bullets and Numbering”” will appear.

How do I add a list in WordPress?

How to Make a List in WordPress

  • Place your cursor in the post text area where you wish to begin your list.
  • Click the Numbered or Ordered List button in the WordPress toolbar.
  • Start typing your first list item.
  • Hit enter button on your keyboard twice or click the List button to discontinue making a list.

How do you put a space between bullet points?

Change line spacing between bullets in a list

  1. Select the list. The bullets won’t appear selected.
  2. Click Home>Paragraph Dialog Box Launcher.
  3. On the Indents and Spacing tab, under Spacing, clear the check from Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style.
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How do you code spaces?

To create extra spaces before, after, or in-between your text, use the &nbsp; (non-breaking space) extended HTML character. For example, with “”extra space”” we have the following code in our HTML. If you are using a WYSIWYG editor to enter the code above, you must be in the HTML tab or editing the HTML code.

How do I edit CSS in WordPress?

The easiest way to edit your CSS file is to visit Appearance → Editor from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll want to open the style. css file (which should be open by default). This is your stylesheet.

How many spaces is an indent?

5 spaces

How do you indent a list in HTML?

Let’s look at the two approaches for a moment. In Internet Explorer and Opera, the lists are indented by setting a left margin of 40 pixels on the <ul> element.

Indenting It Twice

  • Give each <li> element a left margin.
  • Give the <ul> element a left margin.
  • Give the <ul> element some left padding.

How do you list bullet points?

Use bullet points to list features, steps, or tips, like this list.

  1. Emphasize the beginning of the bullet point, as in this list, when the first few words capture the main idea.
  2. Make bullet points consistent in structure.
  3. Punctuate bullets consistently.
  4. Avoid ending bullet points with semicolons.

How do you add a bullet point in HTML?

Unordered Lists (Bullet Point Lists)To begin an unordered list, use the “” <ul> “” tag. Then, for every item in the list, put your text (or picture) between “” <li> “” and “” </li> “”. When you’ve completed every item in your list, close off the list with a “” </ul> “” tag.

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How do you write bullet points?

Punctuating Bullet Points

  • Use a period (full stop) after every bullet point that is a sentence (as these bullets do).
  • Use a period after every bullet point that completes the introductory stem.
  • Use no punctuation after bullets that are not sentences and do not complete the stem.
  • Use all sentences or all fragments, not a mixture.

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