How To Add Like Button To WordPress Blog Posts?


How do I add a Facebook button to my WordPress website?

First of all, Log In to the Dashboard of a website. Their Plugins, a button will appear to click on the button. Among the options of the Plugins choose the button Add New to Install a plugin to use in site to add Facebook like button. Secondly, search for the Plugin WP Like Button to Install for the site.

How do I add social media links to WordPress?

WordPress Tutorial: How to Set Up a Social Media Icons Widget

How can I add Facebook like button?

How to insert Facebook like button on website –

How do I get rid of the like button on WordPress?

To disable likes on all pages, at My Sites → Configure → Sharing → Sharing Buttons → Options → Show sharing buttons on, uncheck Pages. Disable Like buttons on individual pages: See the Turn Likes On/Off on Specific Posts or Pages section of the Likes support page.”

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