How To Embed Instagram Post On WordPress?


How do you embed an Instagram post?

How To Embed An Instagram Post On Your Blog –

How do I embed something into WordPress?

Place your mouse cursor in the second text box titled Paste HTML to embed in website. Copy the code. In the text editor of your page or post, click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the editor window. Locate the place on the page you want your embed to appear, and paste your embed code.

How do I add Instagram to WordPress?


  • Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress.
  • Search for “Instagram Feed Gallery”
  • Click “Install”
  • Go to Instagram Gallery / Account in your admin dashboard.
  • Press the “Add new account” button and generate the access token.
  • Go to Instagram Gallery / Feeds and press the “Add new gallery” button.

What is the embed option on Instagram?

It means Embedding Instagram feed like photos, videos on your website. By embedding an Instagram feed on the website, you can show the user-generated content to the website visitors. You can merge product reviews, hashtag campaign’s performance on your website.

How do I add a clickable link to Instagram?

How to Add a Clickable Link to Instagram Bio –

How do I embed a video on my website?

Embed Videos on YOUR Website – How to UPLOAD to

How do you embed a page?

How to Add HTML Embed Codes to Your Website [Quick Tip]

  1. Generate the embed code.
  2. Highlight the embed code, then copy it to your clipboard.
  3. In your content management system, open up your HTML viewer.
  4. Paste the HTML snippet you just copied into your HTML viewer window. Then click ‘OK’ or ‘Save. ‘
  5. You have now embedded content onto your website or blog.
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How do I embed a video in my WordPress website?

All you need to do is paste the video URL into the WordPress editor. For example, you can copy the URL for a video that you want to embed. Next, edit the WordPress post or page where you want to add the video, and simply paste the URL in the content area.

How do I add an Instagram feed to my website?

How to Embed Your Instagram Feed On Your Website

  • Step 1: Choose an Instagram business account or hashtag. When you add an Instagram feed to your website, you have a couple of different options.
  • Step 2: Curate your feed. Next up, it’s time to curate your feed.
  • Step 3: Design your feed.
  • Step 4: Copy the HTML code into your site.

How can I add my Instagram feed to my website?

Follow the below-given steps to get the Instagram feed HTML code for embedding Instagram on website:

  1. Click on the Display button, present at the bottom of the screen.
  2. A popup will appear, Select Embed In Website option.
  3. Choose your Website Building Platform as per your requirement.

How do I embed an Instagram picture on my website?

1. Instagram’s official embedding option

  • To start, open your Instagram business app in the browser.
  • Open the image you want to embed and choose the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the option ‘Embed’ and copy the embed code that will be provided to you below.

How do I embed an image?

How to embed an image in Canvas –

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Can you embed an Instagram feed?

Steps to Embed your Instagram FeedSelect the account for where you want to generate posts and proceed to the feed. Once you choose your Instagram account, the platform will display your feed edit screen. Copy the provided code at the top right sidebar. Note: You can also use the shortcode below the code.

Can you embed a video in Instagram?

If you want to share Instagram photos or videos on a web page or in a blog post, you can embed them from the Instagram website on your computer. When you embed a photo or video, you can click or tap the photo or video to open the original post in the Instagram app on your smartphone or tablet.”

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