How To Enable Comments In WordPress?


How do I enable comments on a WordPress page?

Turning on Comments for Multiple Posts or Pages #From the Posts/Pages screen, check the boxes next to the posts or Pages on which you want to enable comments.

Select “Edit” from the “Bulk Edit” Dropdown box and click Apply.

Then, select “Allow” next in the Comments dropdown box and finish by clicking “update.”

How do I enable comments?

How to Allow Comments on Your Channel –

How do I change Comment settings in WordPress?

You can enable/disable comments on future posts in your Discussion settings under My Site(s) → Manage → Settings. Next, click on the Discussion tab. Under “Default article settings,” toggle on/off the option to “Allow people to post comments on new articles.” And you’re done!

How do I manage comments on WordPress?

Simply go to Posts » All Posts and click on the Edit link below the post you want to open. On the post editor screen scroll down to the bottom, and you will see all comments made for the post. You can edit, delete, reply and moderate comments directly from here.

What are comments in WordPress?

Comments are a way for visitors to add feedback to your posts and pages. If you choose to enable comments for your posts, then a comment form will appear at the bottom of the posts and people can respond to what you have written.

Can I use the WordPress logo on my website?

You cannot use WordPress or its logo as part of your own logo. You can place ‘Powered by’ on your website, but you cannot say ‘Recommended by WordPress’.

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Why are my comments not showing up?

Hi limpnoodlesz: if your comments are not appearing publicly, that might be because they are being marked as possible spam, or the channel owner’s comment filtering settings are holding them for review. Either way it’s up to the channel owner to restore the comments to visibility.

How do I make a post without comments?

Note that you can only turn off comments if it is your post or you are the group admin.

  • Select group posts which you don’t want to receive any comments.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon at the upper right corner of the post.
  • Click on “Turn Off Comments.”
  • Any comments for this particular posts are restricted.

How do I enable comments on on my phone?

Android Phone : How to Enable or Disable Comments – “

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