How To Iframe In WordPress?


There is an iframe insert button in WordPress text editor that triggers a popup wizard to customize your iframe appearance.

You can easily insert your iframe url, width and height, scrollbar etc..

Shortcode is generated automatically and inserted in the page.

This shortcode can also be used in a widgetized area.

How do I embed in WordPress?

Place your mouse cursor in the second text box titled Paste HTML to embed in website. Copy the code. In the text editor of your page or post, click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the editor window. Locate the place on the page you want your embed to appear, and paste your embed code.

How do I embed an Iframe?

Embed with iFrame

  • Copy your final revision of the code,
  • Navigate to the page in which you want to embed the new iframe,
  • Click “”Edit””, then toggle to the “”HTML Editor””, and paste your code Where you would like it to appear on your page.
  • Paste your revised code into the HTML Editor,
  • Click Save and view the results.

How do I embed html5 in WordPress?

Embed HTML5 Video In WordPress Using This Simple Code And

How do I set an iframe size?

Step 1: Get the iframe embed code and paste into your document. Step 2: Set the height & width attributes to 100% (optional, can be handled via CSS) Step 3: Absolute position the iframe within a container. Step 4: Add padding-top to the container.”

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