How To Install A WordPress Theme From Themeforest?


How do I install a purchased WordPress theme?

How to Install a Purchased Theme

  • Log into your WordPress site, and go to “Appearances > Themes” menu item.
  • Click the “Add New” button at the top of the screen.
  • Click the “Upload Theme” button at the top of the screen.
  • Now choose the .zip file that you have of the theme click “Install Now”

How do I install a WordPress theme from a zip file?

Simple Steps to install a WordPress Theme when you have the Theme as a Zip File

  1. Backup your website (before any major change to your site)!
  2. In WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance | Themes.
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. Click on “upload” [10/20/16: “Upload Theme”].
  5. Click on “Install Now”.
  6. Theme should install successfully.

How do you buy themes from Themeforest?

If you’ve purchased your theme at Themeforest, you’ll need to download the theme file before you try and install it. Simply log into your account, go to your downloads and locate your theme. Click on the download button and select the “Installable WordPress file only”. This will download the zip file for your theme.

Are WordPress themes free?

Pros of Free WordPress ThemesWe DO NOT recommend users to download and install any free themes that are distributed by other unreliable sources. The biggest benefit of a free WordPress theme is the cost, free. It lowers the barrier of entry to starting a blog.

Can you install themes on free WordPress?

You can install a free WordPress theme from the WordPress theme repository, or you can upload and install a premium WordPress theme via your WordPress dashboard. If you haven’t installed WordPress yet, review our how to use WordPress article which covers of the fundamentals and getting started.

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How do I export my WordPress theme?

Export your WordPress theme

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Select the Tools tab.
  • Click on the Export secondary menu.
  • Next, choose what you want to export.
  • If you’ve finished, press the Download Export File button.

How do I download a WordPress theme from a live site?

Create A Copy of WordPress Site in Less Than 5 Minutes [FREE

How do I manually install a WordPress theme?

Installing WordPress Theme Via FTP

  1. Download an FTP Client on your computer.
  2. Create an FTP Account within your hosting account.
  3. Download the theme you need to your computer & unzip.
  4. Upload the theme folder via FTP to your WordPress install.
  5. Activate the theme from your WordPress dashboard.

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