How To Make Logo Bigger In WordPress?


How do I enlarge a logo in WordPress?

Please follow below steps to change the size of the logo on your site by adding simple CSS code.

Step 1: Go to WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

Step 2: Add below mentioned code in additional CSS to change the size of the logo.

You just need to change max height as per your need.

How do I make my logo bigger?

Make my logo bigger cream –

How do I make the header image bigger in WordPress?

A 700px wide logo would require a height of 233px, and so on. The easiest way to calculate this is to open the template included with the Pretty WordPress Theme in Photoshop and select “image size” from the image menu up top. Then simply adjust the width and the height will automatically appear.

What size should my logo be for WordPress?

Optimal logo size depends on your theme. Assuming you’re talking about Canard, the theme display a logo at a maximum of 400 by 90 pixels. If you upload a logo at max 800 by 180 px, that means it will still look sharp on high density screens (like retina).”

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