How To Make Money On WordPress Blog?


How much money can you make from a WordPress blog?

11 Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

  • Sell eBooks or White Papers. eBooks are the digital products that are so popular among internet users, due to their educational nature.
  • Offer Online Courses.
  • Offer a Webinar.
  • Offer Freelancing Service.
  • Create a Web Directory.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Google AdSense.
  • WordPress Advertising Plugin.

How can I make money from my WordPress blog?

Monetize Your Blog Content

  1. Make Money With WordPress Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Display Google AdSense on WordPress.
  3. Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly.
  4. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts.
  5. Get Paid to Write Reviews.
  6. Earn Money by Flipping Websites.
  7. Get Public Speaking Gigs as an Influencer.

How many views do you need to make money on WordPress?

This depends on your niche, the quality of the traffic and how you monetize. That said, as a rough guideline if you have at least 100,000 page views per month you should be making at least $3,500/mo. Though, if you’re very good, you could be making that much on 30,000 page views per month or less.

Can you get paid from WordPress?

Monetizing Your WordPress SiteBut the easiest for most people starting out are AdSense ads and the Amazon affiliate programs. AdSense, which is run by Google, allows you to place ads on your website and get paid when people click on the ads. Making money from a WordPress site is completely possible.”

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