How To Make My WordPress Site Mobile Friendly?


Is WordPress mobile friendly?

Making WordPress Mobile Friendly in a NutshellMobile friendliness is a must-have feature for any website in today’s Internet. They include responsive design, mobile optimized plugins and optimized images, site speed, avoidance of full-screen popups and site administration via mobile.

How do I make my website mobile friendly?

10 Steps to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

  • Make Your Website Responsive.
  • Make Information People Look for Easier to Find.
  • Don’t Use Flash.
  • Include the Viewport Meta Tag.
  • Turn Autocorrect for Forms.
  • Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile.
  • Use Large Font Sizes.
  • Compress Your Images and CSS.

How do I make my WordPress page responsive?

Make WordPress Mobile Responsive with WPtouch Plugin

  1. Access your dashboard, go to Plugins and click on Add New.
  2. Search using the keyword “WPtouch”.
  3. Locate the plugin.
  4. From the menu, go to WPtouch and click on Core Settings.
  5. If the title of your site is too long, enter a shorter version in the Site Title & Byline field.

How do I view my WordPress site on mobile?

Simply login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance » Customize screen. At the bottom of the screen, click the mobile icon. You’ll then see a preview of how your site looks on mobile devices.

Which WordPress theme is best for mobile?

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress mobile-friendly themes:

  • Uncode.
  • Kalium.
  • Gillion (Trending Item)
  • Soledad.
  • Jevelin.
  • Divi.
  • Webify.
  • X Theme.

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