How To Set Up Contact Form In WordPress?


How do I create a contact form in WordPress?

To add the contact form to default WordPress page, on side menu go to Pages — Add New. Name the page “”Contact Us””. In the text editor, click Add Form button and in a drop-down menu select the form created in the previous step. Click Insert button and publish the page.

How do you set up a contact form?

Setup Contact Form 7 in WordPress

  • Install the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • On the left navigation bar, click Contact.
  • Click Add New button if you are creating a new form.
  • Click the Mail tab.
  • Enter a Title for your form.
  • Update the To field to the email address where you want the form to send.

How do I edit contact form in WordPress?

Add, edit and configure Contact Form 7 in WordPress – “

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