How To Turn Off Comments On WordPress?


How do I disable comments on WordPress images?

To disable comments on media files:To disable comments in WordPress for those attachments, visit Media Library, select the media file and click on Edit. You’ll find a “Discussion” box similar to to the one in the text editor for posts, and you can disable comments there.

How do I disable comments on a post?

While you can’t disable comments on your Page’s posts, you can hide or delete individual comments. You can proactively moderate comments and posts by visitors by blocking words and turning on the profanity filter for your Page. You can ban people from your Page. You can turn off reviews for your Page.

How do I enable comments on WordPress?

Turning on Comments from the Posts or Pages Screen #In the list of Pages or posts, find the one you want and hover your cursor over the title of the post. You will see several links appear underneath the title. Click “Quick Edit” and check “Allow Comments.” Click “Update” to turn comments on for that post.

How do I turn off comments in WordPress media attachments?

Disallow & Close Comments on WordPress Media Attachment Page

  • Go to Settings -> Discussion.
  • Uncheck the Allow people to post comments on new articles checkbox under “Default article settings” section.
  • Click Save Changes when done.
  • Upload your media.
  • Re-enable comments for new posts if you wish.

How do I delete all pending comments on WordPress?

Luckily, WordPress has a simpler way to delete all comments that are already marked as spam. Switch from the Pending comments view over to the Spam comments section. Then click the Empty Spam button off to the right to delete them all.

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How do I disable comments on a specific Facebook post?

Note that you can only turn off comments if it is your post or you are the group admin.

  1. Select group posts which you don’t want to receive any comments.
  2. Click on the three-dotted icon at the upper right corner of the post.
  3. Click on “Turn Off Comments.”
  4. Any comments for this particular posts are restricted.

How do I disable likes and comments on my profile picture?

There is no way to disable the comments and likes for all friends. You can do it for specific people if want to do that. What you can do is change the profile picture and set the privacy setting to “”Only Me””.

How can I control who can comment on my posts?

To change who can comment on your public posts:

  • Click at the top right corner and select Settings.
  • Click Public Posts on the left.
  • Go to Who Can Follow Me and make sure Public is selected.
  • Click Edit next to Public Post Comments.
  • Select who is allowed to like or comment on your public posts:

How do I enable comments?

How to Allow Comments on Your Channel –

How do I manage comments on WordPress?

Simply go to Posts » All Posts and click on the Edit link below the post you want to open. On the post editor screen scroll down to the bottom, and you will see all comments made for the post. You can edit, delete, reply and moderate comments directly from here.

How do I change the comment section in WordPress?

Click on What You Need to Customize:

  1. Change the Font of Comments Form.
  2. Change the Submit Comment Button.
  3. Remove Website URL Field from Comment Form.
  4. Add a Field to the Comments Form.
  5. Add reCAPTCHA to Comment Form.
  6. Change the Title of Your Comment Section.
  7. Move Text Field to the Bottom of the Form.
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