Php.Ini File Location In WordPress?

 width=1280Updating Your php. ini file

  • Log in to your web hosting account and go to cPanel.
  • Click on FILES -> File Manager.
  • Select “Document Root for:” from the Directory Selection and click on Go. (
  • Go to your wp-admin folder.
  • Find a file called php.ini or php5.ini. (
  • Open the php.ini file.

Where is the PHP INI file in WordPress?

Your php. ini file should be located either in the ‘Configuration File Path’ section, or like in my case in ‘Loaded Configuration File’ section. The first location is the default one, the second location applies in case your PHP installation is used as a module.

Where is the PHP INI file located?

Your php. ini file is located in your server’s root or public_html folder, not your PrestaShop files. Most hosting companies will allow you to access and change the php. ini file.

How do I edit PHP INI in WordPress?

To edit the php. ini file using the PHP Variables Manager tool login to your cpanel and find the manager tool. Select the directory where WordPress is installed and click ADD. In that, you will find the variables and the php fields that is the codes I explained above.

What is a PHP INI file?

The php. ini file is the default configuration file for running applications that require PHP. It is used to control variables such as upload sizes, file timeouts, and resource limits.”

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