What Does Sticky Mean In WordPress?


How do I get rid of sticky posts in WordPress?

Remove the sticky post

  • Go to Posts > All Posts.
  • Hover on the post which is sticky previously ( — Sticky, will be there on the title of the post to know the sticky post )
  • Quick Edit Options will visible there.
  • Check Make this post sticky option on the right side.
  • Unchecked on Make this post sticky to remove.

How do I make my WordPress post sticky?

Follow the steps below to make post sticky:

  1. First login to your WordPress admin area.
  2. Go to Post and click on All Posts.
  3. Edit the post which you want to make the sticky post.
  4. On the right sidebar, you will see the Publish Box.
  5. Look at the Visibility: Public and Edit it.

How do I create a featured post on WordPress?

Here we are going to learn how to add a featured posts section or featured content in your WordPress.

Add a featured posts section

  • Creating a checkbox (metabox) in post/page admin area.
  • Save meta box value.
  • Display the featured posts on the frontend.

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