What Is A Pingback In WordPress?


A pingback is a type of comment that’s created when you link to another blog post where pingbacks are enabled.

The best way to think about pingbacks is as remote comments: Person A posts something on his blog.

Person B posts on her own blog, linking to Person A’s post.

Should I approve Pingbacks WordPress?

You don’t have to approve pingbacks and trackbacks.However, many pingbacks and trackbacks are legitimate. Always follow the URL if you don’t recognize the site. Then, depending on the post, you can decide whether you want other readers of the post to see the pingback or whether you’d rather trash it.

Are Pingbacks good for SEO?

Since pingbacks are created by having external links on another person’s blog, they are directly related to your SEO. So yes, pingbacks are good for your blog’s SEO. One caution regarding pingbacks is that spammers can abuse them, just like the spam comments.

How do I add a pingback in WordPress?

To create a pingback, simply create a link (i.e. clickable text) to another WordPress blog post from within a blog post or a page on your own site. If that post has pingbacks enabled, the blog owner will see a pingback appear in their comments section.

Should I disable pingbacks?

Most sites should disable WordPress pingbacks and trackbacks (here’s how to do it) At the end of the day, using WordPress pingbacks and trackbacks tends to result in a lot of spam and wasted time. Even if they can provide a few benefits, there are better ways to drive traffic to your site.”

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