WordPress Login Admin Not Working?


Why can’t I log into my WordPress admin?

Most website users report this problem when they try to login to their WP admin area and find the WordPress admin not working; the issue is usually traced to theme or plugin coding errors. To deactivate/rename your theme or plugin folders, access your WP files through FTP.

How do I log into WordPress admin?

Find Your WordPress Login Page: How To Access Your WordPress

Why is my WP admin redirecting?

WordPress login redirect loop is a common issue that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, you can easily solve this error by clearing browser cookies and cache, restoring default . htaccess file, and deactivating themes and plugins.

How do I fix WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting issues?

How to fix the WordPress login page refreshing and redirecting

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  • Deactivate and reactivate your plugins.
  • Revert to the default theme.
  • Regenerate your . htaccess file.
  • Check your site URL.

What is WP admin?

The WordPress admin dashboard, often called WP Admin or WP admin panel, is essentially the control panel for your entire WordPress website. It’s where you create and manage content, add functionality in the form of plugins, change styling in the form of themes, and lots, lots more.

How do I find my WordPress admin URL?

2 Answers

  1. Go to cpanel and login to phpmyadmin and open the database for your website/blog.
  2. Find ‘wp_options’ table and search for a record ‘active_plugins’.
  3. Then go to ‘wp_users’ table and you’ll find all the user details here.
  4. Now go to the default wordpress login url(http//www.
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Can not access WP admin?

To resolve this issue, simply head into your CPanel and switch the permissions on the wp-admin folder from 644 to 755. Other reasons why WordPress can’t login include issues with your plugins. Try removing the W3 Total Cache plugin to resolve the issue.

How do I access my WordPress admin without password?

How to get into WordPress Admin Without Password using FTP

How do I login as admin on my website?

Add different “”admin”” tags to the base address.

  • www.website.com/admin.
  • www.website.com/administrator.
  • www.website.com/user.
  • www.website.com/login.
  • www.website.com/login.aspx.
  • www.website.com/wp-login.php.
  • www.website.com/admin.php.
  • www.website.com/wp-admin.

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