WordPress Make Phone Number Clickable?


How do I make a phone number clickable?

Make a Phone Number Clickable Using HTML

  • In your HTML editor, start the code with <a href=””></a>.
  • Enter the phone number between the quotes. Do not separate any number with a dash. If you do so, it may not work. Insert tel: before the number.
  • Add text for the phone number. Enter it between ><.

How do I make a phone number clickable in Excel?

Enable Click to Call in Excel (Skype or Jabber) –

How do I make a click call link?

Create a click-to-call linkOr, create a new page. Highlight the text or image you want to use for your click-to-call link. Click the link icon link in the rich text toolbar. Enter tel:5555555555 in the URL field, replacing 5555555555 with the phone number for your business.

How Does click to call work?

At it’s most basic form, click-to-call technology works by the end user enters her phone number and requests a call. An intermediary service then dials the end user and other third party and initiates a conversation between the two parties.

How do I hyperlink a phone number?

How do I hyperlink a phone number?

  1. Open your file in the Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  2. Highlight the chosen text (typically a phone number or a call to action like “”Call Today!””) to be clickable.
  3. Click on the Insert Link icon.
  4. Make sure that “”Hyperlink Type”” drop-down is set to “”Phone””.
  5. Paste or type the phone number in the “”Telephone Number”” box.

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