WordPress Remove Sidebar On Certain Pages?


How do I get rid of the sidebar in pages?

With Pages active, click on Format or Document in the right sidebar. This will make one of them blue. Next click on View in the menu bar, Inspector and then Hide Inspector. This will hide the Format and Setup sidebar in Pages.

How do I remove the sidebar from a category?

WooCommerce. How To Remove Sidebar From Product Category

How do I change my sidebar in WordPress?

How to Move, Change, and Edit Your Sidebar Widgets in WordPress

  • Log in, if you haven’t already, to your WordPress site.
  • If you’re viewing the front side of your site, click “Customize” in the top bar.
  • Once in the Customizer, you’ll notice a left panel, and your site on the right.
  • In left panel, click on “Widgets.”

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