How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links In WordPress?


How do I add affiliate links to WordPress?

Go to ‘Auto Affiliate Links’ menu in your WordPress Admin panel.

Add your affiliate links, along with one or more keywords.

Do this for every affiliate link you want to display.

Select if you want your links to be nofollow, cloaked, to open in new window, and the maximum number of lniks that are added to every article.

How do I add an Amazon affiliate link?

How to Insert and Add Amazon Links

  • Login to your Amazon Associate Account.
  • Find the products you want to promote on Amazon and click the option you want to use in the Amazon Associates site stripe at the top of page.
  • Copy the code for the link from the Amazon popup window.

How do I post an Amazon affiliate link on Facebook?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Facebook –

How do I embed affiliate links?

How To Add an Affiliate Link To Your Website or Blog – Beginners

Can you have affiliate links with WordPress?

Affiliate links are allowed on as long as the primary purpose of your blog is to create original content. We do not allow sites that exist primarily to drive traffic to affiliate links.

What is the best affiliate plugin for WordPress?

The 10 Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins

  1. AffiliateWP. AffiliateWP is a fully fledged affiliate managing system that’s incredibly easy to setup yet surprisingly agile.
  2. Affiliate Manager.
  3. Affiliates.
  4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro.
  5. WordPress Affiliate & Referral.
  6. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates.
  7. Affiliate Royale.
  8. Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens.

Can I use my own Amazon affiliate link?

As much as it stinks, you cannot use your own affiliate link to purchase items (even if you use a different Amazon account to do so). And you can’t ask friends or relatives to either (similar to Google Adsense’s policy on soliciting clicks on ads).

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How do I get affiliate links?

Just go to the product page and click on “Short link to this page.” You’ll get a link that’ll give you a commission if people purchase through it. However, if you only rely on people using the affiliate links in your reviews, that means that you need lots of traffic to actually start making serious money.

Can I link my website to Amazon?

Yes, you can link from your website to your Amazon store, and you can also use a link to your Amazon store on Facebook etc. To see the URL for your storefront, go to your Seller Central and click Settings.

Can I post Amazon affiliate links on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t add amazon affiliate links or any other kind of links to your Instagram posts. The one main place I know you can place links on Instagram is in your main bio section so that’s a place for your to leave your amazon affiliate link if you like.

How do I promote affiliate links on Facebook?

THE RIGHT Way to Promote Affiliate Links Using Facebook –

How do I promote affiliate links on social media?

6 Ways To Promote Affiliate Products Using Social Media

  • Promoting in Niche-specific Groups.
  • Be the Community’s Influencer.
  • Deliver Value With Quality Content.
  • Include Product Images in the Content.
  • Create Shortened URLs for Affiliate Redirect.
  • Promote Catchy Offers.
  • To Sum It Up.

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