How To Make A Menu Item Not Clickable In WordPress?


Log into your WordPress admin panel and go to the menu Appearance-> Menus.

Remove the parent menu item that you want to make non-clickable.

In the “Custom Links” add an new external menu with the same name and put # into the URL field.

Click “”Add to Menu”” and set the menu to your mages with level parent.

How do I make a menu item not clickable?

How to Make a Non Clickable Menu Item in WordPress –

How do you make a menu item Unclickable in WordPress?

WordPress Menu: Make a Menu Item in a Drop-down Menu Unclickable

  • Go to Appearance->Menus.
  • Go to the Custom Links box.
  • In the URL area, put ‘#’ (just the pound sign, not the apostrophes)
  • In the Label area, put the name of the menu item you’d like to create.
  • Click the ‘Add to Menu’ button.

How do I make a WordPress image not clickable?

Make Your WordPress Images “”Un-Clickable”” –

How do I create a custom menu link in WordPress?

How to Create a Custom Menu Link Item in WordPress –

How do I create a dynamic drop down menu in WordPress?

How to create a WordPress dropdown menu with core functionality

  1. Step 1: Create a menu (if needed) If you don’t already have a menu, enter a name in the Menu Name box and then click the Create Menu button.
  2. Step 2: Add links to menu.
  3. Step 3: Arrange menu items using drag and drop.
  4. Step 4: Choose menu location.

How make top level menu item not have link but have sub menus that are linked?

Go to Appearance, then click on menus. In this section go under menu structure and click on the arrow down to expand the page and you’ll see a box that says disable link. Check that box and save. Edit span CSS to get same style as <a> , don’t forget cursor: context-menu; .”

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