Where Is The Php.Ini File WordPress?


Where is the PHP INI file?

Your php. ini file is located in your server’s root or public_html folder, not your PrestaShop files. Most hosting companies will allow you to access and change the php. ini file.

Where is the PHP INI file in Ubuntu?

The default location for the php. ini file is: Ubuntu 16.04: /etc/php/7.0/apache2. CentOS 7: /etc/php.

Where is PHP INI file in Windows?

In Windows Explorer, open your PHP installation folder, for example C:PHP . Choose either the php. ini – development or php. ini – production file, and rename it php.

Where can I find PHP INI in cPanel?

Find, Create or Edit php.ini File In cPanel To Increase Maximum

How do I refresh PHP INI?

2 Answers. To force a reload of the php. ini you should restart apache. You also can use graceful restart the apache server with service apache2 reload or apachectl -k graceful .”

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