WordPress Filter Posts By Category?


How do I filter categories in WordPress?

How to Let Users Filter Posts and Pages in WordPress –

How do I sort by category in WordPress?

Just choose your category from the pulldown menu, click “Enable Ordering,” load the posts from that category, and then drag and drop them into the order you like. In the screenshot above, you can see me dragging the “Multi Columns” post to the top of the category.

How do I create a filter in WordPress?

How to add catalog with filter in WordPress –

How do I use search and filter plugin in WordPress?

Search & Filter Pro – Demo Video –

What are post filters?

Filtering your Facebook posts. The Custom Facebook Feed plugin has a post filtering feature built into it which allows you to filter your posts by a specific string or hashtag. This then gives the plugin more posts to filter through in order to find ones which contain your word/hashtag.”

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