WordPress Stuck In Scheduled Maintenance?


How do I get my WordPress site out of maintenance mode?

If you can see the wp-admin folder (but you’re not inside the wp-admin folder), you’re in the root folder of WordPress. Look for the . maintenance file, select it, and delete it using the FTP app. Clear the browser’s cache and reload your website.

How do I fix briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance?

How to fix “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” error in

How do I turn maintenance mode off?

Switch the mode through the Settings pageIf you’re one of them and the admin bar is hidden from your view, you can still control the status of your Maintenance Mode: Go to Settings -> Maintenance Mode -> Basic. Click the “Enable Maintenance Mode?” button to turn it on.

How do you fix the site is experiencing technical difficulties?

How to Fix: The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties. –

How do I hide my WordPress site from public view?

Settings »Privacy SettingsThe Site Privacy setting controls who can view your site, allowing you to make the site private or public. To access this setting, go to My Site → Settings and look for Privacy on the General tab. When you first create your site, by default the site will be Private.

Is there a problem with WordPress?

Is WordPress.com’s server down? Probably not. We’re not perfect and we do occasionally experience problems, but our network is designed so that sites continue working even when servers or parts of the network fail. Outages are rare and brief.”

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