Embed Youtube Live Stream On WordPress?


How do I embed a live stream on WordPress?

Here are some ways you can stream live videos to your WordPress site.

  • Go to your Hangout On Air.
  • On the bottom right of the video call window, click Links.
  • Copy the video embed code, page URL, or Event page URL.
  • Go to the website where you’d like to stream or show the Hangout On Air.
  • Paste the code.

How do I embed a livestream on ?

Embedding Your Live Page in Your Website & Facebook

Can I embed live on my website?

On , right click on the video section and click “Copy embed code”. Paste the embed code onto your website. Your viewers will see the stream on your website when you go live on StreamYard! Note that the embed code will be different for each broadcast.

How do I embed a livestream on my website?

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Right-click on the live video you want to embed to see the “embed code” option.
  2. Tap the time stamp to receive the URL.
  3. Go to the Code Configurator in the Facebook for Developers site, paste the URL and click the “Get Code” option. You can now use this code to paste it onto your website.

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