Free Landing Page Templates WordPress?


How do I create a free landing page on WordPress?

Publish a beautiful conversion-focused landing page to your site in 4 steps

  • Create a free account on the website. No credit card required.
  • Select a template and edit it to create your page.
  • Login to the WordPress plugin.
  • Publish the page to your site with 1 click.

How do I create a landing page in WordPress?

WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page –

How do I create a landing page template?

Make and launch a landing page in 7 simple steps.

  1. Choose a template OR start from a blank page.
  2. Adjust your mobile landing page layout.
  3. Configure your landing page settings.
  4. Set your landing page URL.
  5. Add tracking and custom scripts.
  6. Integrate with your marketing tool set.
  7. Preview and publish.

What is on a landing page?

A landing page is a page on your website where you can offer a resource from your business in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. Marketers can capture this contact information using a lead-capture form, where visitors can enter details like their name, email address, and job title.”

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