Google Analytics Plugin For WordPress?


How do I use Google Analytics plugin in WordPress?

Let’s go!

  • Install the Plugin. Naturally, whenever you want to use a plugin on your WordPress site, the first step is to install it.
  • Connect to Google Analytics. When the plugin is active, you will find a new menu item called Insights in your site’s dashboard.
  • Adjust Tracking Settings.
  • Check the Reports.

What is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

  1. MonsterInsights.
  2. ExactMetrics.
  3. Analytify.
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin.
  5. Google Analytics by 10Web.
  6. GA Google Analytics.
  7. WP Statistics.
  8. WP Google Analytics Events.

What is Google Analytics Plugin?

GA Google Analytics is a lightweight and GDPR compliant WordPress plugin with limited functionality in the free version. And to get additional features, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version of this plugin.

How do I add Google Analytics to WordPress without plugins?

Install Google Analytics in WordPress Without Plugins – “

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