Google Tag Manager WordPress Plugin?


How do I add Google Tag Manager to WordPress?

3 Ways To Install Google Tag Manager On Your WordPress Website

What does Google Tag Manager do?

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website (or mobile app) without having to modify the code. Here’s a very simple example of how GTM works.

How do I set up Google Tag Manager?

Set Up a Tag

  • Create a new tag in the Google Tag Manager dashboard.
  • Configure your tag.
  • Choose a tag type.
  • Link your tag to Google Analytics tracking.
  • Choose a trigger to determine when the tag is recorded.
  • Save your tag.
  • Activate your tag by pressing “”Submit.””

How add Google Analytics tag WordPress?

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress – Tutorial 2017 –

What is the difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics?

Google Tag Manager does not replace Google Analytics.Instead, it helps users to easily add Google Analytics tracking codes (tags) to your website, deploy GA event code snippets and define rules, when each tag must fire. Google Tag Manager is the middle-man of your digital analytics implementation on any website.

How do I install Google Tag Manager on my website?

Setup and install Tag Manager

  1. Create an account, or use an existing account, at (A new container is created by default, and you can create additional containers within each account.)
  2. Install the container in your website or mobile app.
  3. Add and publish your tags.

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