How To Add Read More In WordPress?


How do I add read more in WordPress 2019?

Click on the HTML view tab instead of the standard WordPress Visual Editor tab. Find the insertion point for “”Read More.”” It is a button on the toolbar that says “”More.”” Place your cursor at the point in your post where you want to end your excerpt and put the “”Read More”” link.

How do I change the read more on WordPress?

Change The WordPress Read More Link Text –

How do I add more tabs in WordPress?

Here’s how you can add Static Top-Level Tabs:

  • Go to your Menus page (Appearance -> Menus)
  • Add a Custom Link and set the URL as #.
  • Label your link and hit the Add to Menu button.
  • Organize your menu items like you would normally do, hit the Save Menu button, and you’re done!

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