How To Add Subcategories In WordPress?


How do I show categories and subcategories in WordPress?

Display Sub Categories On Category Page –

How do I add categories to menus in WordPress?

Once a category has been assigned to the post, and the post is published, edit the navigation menu to add the category page:

  • Open the Customizer.
  • Go to Menus.
  • Select the menu to edit.
  • Click on Add Items.
  • Select Categories.
  • Click the Plus icon next to the Category you want to add.
  • Click Publish to save the changes.

How do I add and manage multilevel categories in WordPress?

Multi-level Categories for WordPress Posts

  1. Click on Posts->Categories in the admin menu.
  2. You are sent to the following page (the screenshot below), where you can see any existing categories and add new ones.
  3. In the field Name, enter the name of the category, as you want it to appear on the site.

How do I add a subpage in WordPress?

To create a subpage #

  • Go to Administration > Pages > Add New screen.
  • In the right menu, click the “Page Parent” drop-down menu.
  • Select the appropriate parent Page from the drop-down menu to make the current Page a child Page.
  • Add content to the subpage.
  • Click Publish when ready.

How do I show categories in WordPress?

To view the direct link to the page of a single category, go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Categories. When you hover your mouse over the category title, a list of options will appear. Click on View to get the direct link to the single category page.

How do I find categories in WordPress?

Display Category Description on Category Archive PageConnect to your WordPress site using an FTP client and then go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder. Now you will need to locate and edit category. php file. If your theme doesn’t have category.”

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