How To Optimize Images For WordPress?


How do I optimize images for WordPress?

1. Find Unoptimized Images

  • Serve scaled images: resize large images to correct dimensions (step 2)
  • Specify image dimensions: specify a width/height in the image’s HTML or CSS (step 3)
  • Optimize images – losslessly compress images (step 4)
  • Combing images using CSS sprites – combine multiple images into 1 image (step 5)

How do I optimize an image for Web without losing quality?

Optimizing Images & Photos: A Quick Guide

  1. Start with good photos.
  2. Showcase your products with multiple angles.
  3. Use a white background for your products.
  4. Save your images with the right dimensions.
  5. Improve page load speeds by using the correct image format.
  6. Experiment with quality settings.

How do I optimize images in WordPress without plugins?

Optimize Images For WordPress Website Without Any Plugin

Does WordPress automatically compress images?

By default, WordPress compresses your images for better performance. Every time you upload a JPEG image in WordPress, it would automatically compress the image to 90% quality. In WordPress 4.5, this number was further decreased to 82% to improve site performance for mobile users.”

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