How To Put WordPress Site Under Construction?


How do I put my WordPress site under construction?


  • Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New.
  • Enter “under construction page” in search and hit Enter.
  • Plugin will show up as the first on the list, click “Install Now”
  • Activate & open plugin’s settings page located under the Settings menu.

How do you put a website under construction?

How To Create a Coming Soon(Under Construction) Page in

How do I get rid of under construction in WordPress?

How to make site live and remove under construction page –

How do I make my WordPress site offline?

You will need a domain name and WordPress hosting for that.

  1. Installing XAMPP. XAMPP is a free open source web server solution.
  2. Install WordPress on Localhost XAMPP.
  3. Create WordPress Theme Offline using TemplateToaster WordPress Theme builder.
  4. Build WordPress Site offline, then Upload.

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