How To Stop Spam Comments On WordPress?


How do I stop people from commenting on WordPress?

Head over to Settings » Discussion page and scroll down to ‘Comment Blacklist’ text box. Copy and paste the IP addresses that you want to block and then click on the save changes button. WordPress will now block users with these IP addresses from leaving a comment on your website.

What is spam comment WordPress?

Why You Need to Deal with Comment Spam in WordPress? Internet is full of spam bots that automatically spread links for nefarious websites in the form of comment spam. The purpose of these spam comments is to get ranked in search engines and also to get accidental clicks from unsuspecting visitors.

How do I stop spam on forums?

Spam prevention. Techniques for avoiding, removing, and mitigating forum spam include: Blacklisting services such as fspamlist, StopForumSpam and BotScout keep databases of IP addresses, usernames and e-mail addresses used to post spam or register forum accounts.

How do I stop spam on my website?

6 Ways to Stop Form Spam

  • Use Contact Forms (Not Email Addresses) Listen, I get it.
  • Use Google reCAPTCHA. You may not know this, but a few years back, Google officially killed CAPTCHA.
  • Use the Honeypot Method.
  • Ask a Question.
  • Disallow Links.
  • Install the Akismet WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin.

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