How To Upgrade Php Version WordPress?


How do I upgrade PHP in WordPress?

Upgrade WordPress To PHP 7+ | How To Do It Safely ⛑️ –

How do I upgrade my PHP version?

Changing the PHP Version:

  • Log into cPanel.
  • Click PHP Configuration in the Software section.
  • Select the version of PHP you want to use from the dropdown.
  • Click Update to save your php configuration.
  • Check your changes by viewing your settings in a phpinfo page.

Should I update my PHP version?

Not only will upgrading give you immediate performance gains, but your site will also be better protected against security vulnerabilities found in older versions of PHP. Before upgrading your site, make sure you check your site’s compatibility with the PHP version you want to switch to and run a backup.

Will updating PHP break my site?

Despite that, upgrading your site to the latest version of PHP is a smart move, and one that will benefit you in a number of ways. Plus, the process isn’t actually that difficult as long as you go about it safely, to ensure that the update won’t break any of your site’s elements.

Which PHP version is best for WordPress?

However, the official WordPress website will always recommend you run the highest available PHP version, which is PHP 7. Notice the breakdown of PHP versions currently being used by WordPress users. As you can see, the majority of users are running PHP 5.6, which is one step below the coveted PHP 7.

What version of PHP Am I running WordPress?

You can search for “Display PHP Version” from the WordPress dashboard & install the plugin. Here is the official download link. Once you have this plugin activated, simply go to the WordPress dashboard & you will be able to see the version of PHP under the “At a glance” section.”

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