Install WordPress On Bluehost Manually?


How do I manually install WordPress on hosting?

Follow the below steps to setup WordPress manually on your hosting server.

  • 1 Download the WordPress Package.
  • 2 Upload the Package to your Hosting Account.
  • 3 Create the MySQL Database and User.
  • 4 Fill the details in WordPress.
  • 5 Run the WordPress Installation.
  • 6 Install WordPress using Softaculous.

Does Bluehost automatically install WordPress?

Unlike old times when you had to create your blog manually, these days Bluehost automatically install and setup WordPress for you. If you have followed the above guide and simply purchased hosting + free domain name from Bluehost, it will start installing WordPress for you automatically.

How do I manually install WordPress in cPanel?

Tutorial: How To Install WordPress Manually Using cPanel

  1. Download the most recent version of WordPress to a location of your choice at
  2. Upload and extract the WordPress .
  3. Move files from the wordpress folder back into the directory root.
  4. Create a database and database user.
  5. Populate the wp-config.php file with your database information.

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