Is WordPress Good For Websites?


Yes, WordPress is good platform for developing a website.

WordPress has been evolved from a Blogging platform to a CMS and these days most of online business websites prefer wordPress as their choice of platform.

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool based on PHP and MySQL.

Is WordPress good for professional websites?

Is WordPress Good For Professional Websites in 2019 ? WordPress is best open source PHP CMS used by bloggers. WordPress is the best Content Management System. Due to its rich features, easy customization facilities, intuitive UI, accessibility and popularity, wordpress is good blogging platform.

Is WordPress used for making websites?

No not at all. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy to make websites but there are many other CMS like wordpress which you can use to create a website. You can also create a website from scratch by coding in HTML, PHP, etc. In fact it is the most popular and widely used CMS.

Is WordPress good for big websites?

Yes, big companies do use WordPress. The reason behind is it that WordPress is a CMS with best usability and once the site is developed they can just use their PR managers to add the content.

What kind of websites can you make with WordPress?

19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

  • Blog or Personal Website. WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and quickly evolved into a powerful CMS.
  • Business Website.
  • eCommerce.
  • Job Board.
  • Business Directory.
  • Question & Answer Website.
  • NonProfits and Religious Websites.
  • Portfolio Websites.
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