Reinstall WordPress Without Losing Data?

 width=1280Here’s a step-by-step guide to reinstall a fresh copy of WordPress:

  • Download latest version of WordPress.
  • Double-click the zip file downloaded and Extract it.
  • Open your FTP client.
  • From your computer files, drag fresh copy of WordPress to your public_html folder.
  • After uploading all files, go to your website.

Can I reinstall WordPress?

Oh, yes, you can, and it’s amazingly simple. To reinstall WordPress from the dashboard, navigate to Dashboard > Updates and click the Re-install Now button, as we highlight in the image below. It’s important to note that this method only reinstalls WordPress core files.

How do I reinstall WooCommerce without losing data?

Disable and delete the current plugin. Restore a previous backup of your store’s database. Download a previous version of WooCommerce under the Advanced View.


  1. Go to: Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “WooCommerce”.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Click Activate Now and you’re ready for the WooCommerce Wizard.

How do I uninstall and reinstall WordPress?

Find the folder where all the WordPress files are and remove those files. Option 2: Log into your site using a FTP software (example, FileZiall). Go to the folder where WordPress is installed. Select all the files and folder then hit the delete button then confirm the deletion.

How do I restore a WordPress backup?

Log into your cPanel account and under the files section click on Backup. On the backups page, scroll down to ‘Restore a MySQL database backup’. Next, click on the choose file button and select the backup file from your hard disk.”

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