What Language Does WordPress Use?



Is WordPress a language?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the fundamental language of the web. PHP is the core language of WordPress: WordPress core itself, and nearly all WordPress themes and plugins, are primarily written in PHP, and so out of all technical languages, it’s most accurate to say that “WordPress is written in PHP.”

Is coding required for WordPress?

Yes. Some knowledge of coding would be helpful to changes to your website. Having a complete coding background while helpful is not required. Some plugins can help you build a WordPress website visually rather than coding it from scratch.

Is WordPress HTML or CSS?

WordPress is considered a content management system. It uses HTML and CSS along with PHP and usually JavaScript to render webpages. So, you can’t have WordPress without HTML and CSS.

Which is better PHP or WordPress?

WordPress can be used by a layman but to write something in php you have to learn coding and program. If you are willing to develop your framework then core php is better but if you want to develop website so speedy way and want to follow any CMS for it then WordPress is a best in globe. WordPress is better than PHP.”

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