Where Is My Htaccess File WordPress?


Where is my .htaccess file WordPress?

First, log in to your cPanel. Click on “File Manager” under the “Files” section. Depending on your WordPress installation directory, you will find . htaccess at the root of your WP installation.

Where do I find .htaccess file?

Where is my . htaccess file?

  • Login to your cPanel.
  • Under the Files section, click on File Manager.
  • Locate your . htaccess file, you may have to show hidden files.

How do I add a .htaccess file to WordPress?

How to Create the Default WordPress . htaccess File?

  1. Navigate to Files -> File Manager.
  2. Select your site’s domain and hit ​Go to File Manager.
  3. Go to the public_html folder and click the New File icon at the top of the page. Then, name the file “.
  4. Open the new WordPress .htaccess file and paste the following code:
  5. Hit Save & Close.

What is the .htaccess file in WordPress?

The . htaccess is a distributed configuration file, and is how Apache handles configuration changes on a per-directory basis. WordPress uses this file to manipulate how Apache serves files from its root directory, and subdirectories thereof. Most notably, WP modifies this file to be able to handle pretty permalinks.”

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