WordPress Appearance Menu Not Showing?


Where is the appearance menu in WordPress?

Go to the WordPress Dashboard. From the ‘Appearance’ menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the ‘Menus’ option to bring up the Menu Editor.

How do I show menu bar in WordPress?

How To Display The Top Bar Menu

  • Assign a menu to a top bar area from Appearance -> Customize -> Navigation.
  • Select a menu from Top bar Navigation drop down.
  • Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Header ->Top Bar.
  • Find the Display Top Bar Menu & turn it on.
  • Click onSave & Publish.

How do I enable appearance editor in WordPress?

You can enable the editors by changing your wp-config. php file.

If you use a Managed WordPress installation, enabling the theme and plugin editor is currently not supported.

  1. Use SFTP and go to the location of your WordPress site.
  2. Open wp-config.
  3. Search for:
  4. Change true to false:

How do I make my WordPress page not show up?

Go to Appearance -> Menus which lets you create menus with whatever you want on your navigation menu. You can remove any page that you do not want on your navigation. If your theme doesn’t support the WordPress’s Menu feature then do the following.”

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