WordPress Developer Salary In Usa?



How much do WordPress developers make?

PayScale pegs the average WordPress salary in the United States at $52,324 per year with a range between $34,000 and $74,000 per year.

Are WordPress developers in demand?

Yes, WordPress Developers are still in demand because there are millions of websites built in WordPress and Those Millions of websites required updating/redesign and upgrading their website on periodic basis.

Is WordPress developer a good career?

WordPress development is a great career if you’re interested in web development. But if you want to broaden your horizons, you may want to consider a career in web development itself, whether you want to be a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer.

How do I become a WordPress developer?

How to Become a WordPress Developer (In 6 Steps)

  • Understand the Primary Skill Sets Required.
  • Learn All You Can About WordPress.
  • Choose the Area of Development You’ll Focus On.
  • Prepare Yourself For Potential Pitfalls.
  • Set Up a Local Development Environment.
  • Join the WordPress Community.

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