WordPress Get Category By Id?


How do I find the category ID in WordPress?

Find Category ID In WordPress

  • Step 1- Login to your WordPress dashboard (www. yoursite/wp-admin).
  • Step 2- Navigate to: Posts > Categories.
  • Step 1- Navigate to: Posts -> Categories.
  • Step 2- Edit the category of which you want to find out the ID.
  • -> Move the mouse cursor over the WordPress Category name. -> copy the link by right-clicking it.

How do I find category ID?

Navigate to the Posts > Categories node from the WordPress Dashboard left hand side menu. Move the mouse over the name of the WordPress Category you would like to know the ID of (without clicking) and notice the URL that shows up at the bottom left corner of the browser, which is highlighted in the below screenshot.

How do I get the category name by product ID in WooCommerce?

You can use wp_get_post_terms to get category id of any product like this : $term_list = wp_get_post_terms($product_id, ‘product_cat’, array(‘fields’ => ‘ids’)); I am just fetching id’s of categories assigned to the particular product, You can fetch name also.

How do I show category names in WordPress?

To display the name of the first category: <? php $cat = get_the_category(); echo $cat[0]->cat_name; ?> 0 displays the first category, so 1 will display the second category, 2 will display the third category, and so on.”

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