WordPress Menu Open In New Window?


How do I make a link open in a new window in WordPress?

Open WordPress Links in a New Window –

How do I open a new tab in Windows?

Open a tab in a new windowClick and drag the tab outside the Google Chrome window. To open a new window, use a keyboard shortcut: Windows & Linux: Ctrl + n. Mac: ⌘ + n.

What is link target in WordPress?

On the Menu items options, a new field will be displayed – Link Target – to specify the target of the link. You may also want to know how to change the number of posts per page in the WordPress administration area.

How do I create a new tab in WordPress?

Adding Tabs in WordPressFrom the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New then search for ‘Xpert Tab’. Find Xpert Tab (screenshot below) then click Install Now. You can access Xpert Tab’s functionality from inside the WordPress editor — you should be able to see an XpertTabs button next to the Add Media one.

How do I open a web page in a new window?

Using Right Click. Right click on the link on your current window. Choose Open in New Window . The page will open in a new window.

How do I make a link open in a new tab?

Open Link in New TabGenerally, you can hold down the control button – or the command key on a Mac computer – to open a link in a new tab. You can also click on a link and hold down the mouse without releasing, dragging the link to the browser’s tab bar to open it in a new tab.

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How do I force Chrome to open in a new window?

A simple solution: Whenever you come across any web link which you desire to open into the new window then just hover your cursor over your desired web link and right click on it and select the option to ‘open link in new window’ and imediately your web link will be opened into a new chrome window.

How do I open a second window?

  • Open the first window, drag it to the left edge to fill half the screen.
  • Right click on “”Computer”” icon in the left panel of that window, select “”open in new window””
  • Drag that window to the right edge.

How do I open a new window in Google Chrome instead of a new tab?

When Chrome opens, click the Chrome menu in the upper-right corner of the browser window and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. The Settings screen now opens in a new window, preventing your rather full tab bar from getting even more crowded.

How do I add a target <UNK>blank menu in WordPress?

How to add a target _blank on a WordPress menu item

  1. Step 1: Screen Options. Go to the “Menus module” , under “Appearance”.
  2. Step 2: Enable Link Target option. Then, under “Show advanced menu properties”, check the “Link Target” option.
  3. Step 3: Specify the target attribute on the WordPress menu.

How do I add Target <UNK>blank?

a target=”_blank” Open in New Browser Tab (or Window) The target attribute specifies where the linked document will open when the link is clicked. The default is the current window. If target=””_blank”” , the linked document will open in a new tab or (on older browsers) a new window.”

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